Inspiration is what you make it.

People want to work in a place where they feel inspired.”

Ryan Wuerch , founder, Motricity

Next time you walk into your school, office or what have you, ask yourself if this is true of you. If not, what needs to change–the environment, or you?

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5 thoughts on “Inspiration is what you make it.

  1. I can’t speak to the content of his character here, but I do like that quote for its application to what I do.

    What has Wuerch done to lose the backing of his company?

  2. I like the quote too. But it doesn’t apply to Mr Wuerch. I’ve worked at Motricity for over two years and it is a horrible place to be. Mostly because of Ryan Wuerch.

  3. Regarding Ryan Wuerch here is some insight…

    MeanCompaniesSuck Blog

    Also, since this post was in regards to schools/education, might find this particular article of interest:

    Ryan Wuerch, the 39-year-old CEO of Durham-based Motricity, dropped out of college after a year because he was frustrated that the curriculum was “book-related,” rather then stressing real-world applications.

    Motricity has prospered under Wuerch’s leadership. The company — whose technology helps people buy and receive games, graphics, ring tones and music on their mobile phones — has raised $152 million from investors to date, likely the most venture capital ever raised by a North Carolina company. The company has about 400 employees worldwide — including about 300 in Durham, up from 170 last summer.

    Wuerch, the father of three sons, wants his boys to go to college. “I actually tell my sons to do as I say, not as I do,” Wuerch said. “I want them to have the discipline.”

    He is not what I would call a good role model, at least not in reality. Insincerity is not a virtue.

  4. I cannot sign onto the Mean Companies Suck Blog, but as I suddenly find myself and my co-workers working for Ryan, I would like to know what to expect.

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