Two Great New Developments at Two of My Favorite Tools

The folks at Google have responded to external pressure or internal drive and added some key features to Google Docs and Spreadsheets. For a more complete review, check out the write up at the Official Docs and Spreadsheets Blog. My favorite features are that folders have now been introduced. I wasn’t a big fan of the tags feature, especially when trying to show teachers and students this as an option. I also like the new visual appearance of the site–much more aesthetically pleasing than the old version, which had some DOS feeling to it.

What’s missing for me is the inclusion of the chat function from Spreadsheets in Docs. Admittedly, I use Docs much more than I use Spreadsheets, so that feature is lost on me. I was really hoping to see it migrate to Documents.

Also, PBWiki has just leaped ahead in the race to capture K-12 audiences in my book with their partnership (I think) with YackPack. This allows users of the space to collaborate and converse at the same time using the same interface. They have also pulled in a spreadsheet application and the ability to plan and organize an event, plus sell tickets! I haven’t explored these yet, but I plan on doing so prior to my summer wiki workshops. This would be beneficial, perhaps to something like Clay’s Global Chilling Project.


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