Evaluation comments

Here are some comments from the Admin workshop the other day:

Overall Summary:

1. Thought is was well done…A LOT of information!!! I learned a great deal about technology and its use that I was not aware of.
2. Would like to see this take place throughout the year on a regular schedule. Good overview, but more time and depth would be helpful.
3. opened my eyes to a great deal of what was going on without my knowledge. I am extremely excited about getting involved with many of these tools.
4. You did a great job of identifying the sites that the administrators need to be familiar with.
5. I thought the tech session was informative for seeing what is out there and what many of the teachers have the capability to do.
I am not even close to being tech oriented so I frequently feel lost in the tech world.


1. “Play” with the sites a bit more to get comfortable. Research to see what the teachers are doing and “maybe” I will be able to help them expand their use of this technology in the classroom.
2. Reach out to tech coordinators for help in educating the teachers on these features.
3. connect with teachers and become a part of the experiences they are providing their students.
4. To improve the efficiency of the time I spend on the Internet. I also plan on showing the board members the Did You Know? video

One Change to the workshop:

1. More individual or small group instruction. I know that the class only had 15 people. It was hard to get the complete grasp of the topic or techniques with “do this, then do this, and then this”. There were four or five topics…maybe concentrate on two this time then maybe another time the other ones. BUT as administrators we are always pressed for time. NO EASY SOLUTION!!
2. More time.
3. some of the text on the screen in the front of the room was difficult to read because it was small.
4. I have no suggestions for change.
5. I would like a handout so when I have time I could explore. Presently, I often don’t even know where to start!

One Keep:

1. Topics
2. Well presented.
3. Patrick Higgins. Lets pray he never takes a job in South Carolina.
4. Pointing out the relevance of the knowledge and allow time to practice using the tools.
5. Step by step instruction.

Looking at this, I see several choices I made that I might not make again. For example, I opted to go paperless, instead relying on online tutorials and screencasts to show them how to work through any confusion they had. Note to all of you out there who are presenting to a crowd that is not so tech-oriented: silence your inner tree-hugger and make the copies. Even if it is just a list of the sites you visited and a short description, it will go a long way towards retention.

The next thing that jumps out at me is the fact that I think I did a good job of making them want more, which is always the sign of a successful lesson. Although these types of sessions are overwhelming at times, I leveraged that against the fact that the students and the teachers they work with are using these tools, and it makes sound managerial sense to understand them.

This is a great group of administrators who are looking to begin really addressing how schools are changing to meet the needs of very different learners. I look forward to the next time we sit down to do this.


4 thoughts on “Evaluation comments

  1. Thanks for also posting the material from your workshop. It showed up in my reader under “chalkdust” but the link to the post did not work ..So I could not leave a comment there.

    I like your suggested reading list too!

  2. Patrick

    I feel for you. You spend the time creating great screencasts and online tutorials that gather dust because your participants revert back to what they are comfortable with – handouts.

    My solution is that I create the tutorials online, use snagit to create the step by step guides, then copy/paste the information into a Word document, upload as PDF back to the original site.

    I have found that people have to be at a certain stage in tech savyness to be able to teach themselves with online tutorials and screencasts.

    Just for interest – as one said they were overwhelmed. What hands on did you do with them, and what worked/didn’t?

    Have added you to my twitter account (dswaters). But please, what is this, your wife getting hold of your account to work out twitter? Not in twitter rules LOL.


  3. Barbara,

    Thanks for trying anyway, but the post looked really sketchy when placed into Blogger’s template. I tried a few other templates, but nothing worked correctly. That might be a sign to learn a little programming for once.

    Here is that reading list just as a follow up:
    * Partnership for 21st Century Schools Overview
    * A Whole New Mind, by Dan Pink
    * The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman
    * Wikinomics, by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams
    * ‘omg, my mom joined facebook!!’ by Michelle Slatalla
    * “It’s time to Catch up to Tech Savvy Students,” by James Daly

  4. Patrick
    It makes me a little bit more excited about the school year that the administrators are enthusiastic about technology use. I am totally digging the spartamiddleschoolwiki

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