The Bookmark Meme

Ryan Bretag at The Four-Eyed Technologist has issue a great new meme to those bloggers whom he classifies as adding “to my growth on a daily basis.” I don’t know if I have added to Ryan’s growth or not, but knowing that he has added to mine pushes me to contribute to the meme.

It’s simple: what are your last five bookmarks? As Ryan points out, Vicki Davis does this on a near daily basis, and along with Kevin Jarret, I count over a hundred resources collected this way in my account.

Here are my last 5 bookmarks:

  1. Spaz
  2. SearchSmarter
  3. EdubloggerCon Wiki
  4. The Connected Classroom
  5. Behold, Flickr High-Quality Search

Spaz is a great twitter interface that runs on AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), and just has so much more functionality than what I was using, Twitterific. Thanks to John Pederson for that one. Search Smarter is a wiki I made for the Freshman and Sophomores this year to help them search with a little more efficiency. It’s not as loaded as I wanted, but I didn’t want to overwhelm them (which happened anyway). EdubloggerCon is a site created originally to house the planning processes involved in the first EduBloggerCon in the days before NECC07 in Atlanta. Now, it has grown to be a resource for anyone interested in school change and reform. Kristen Hokanson’s Connected Classroom just happened upon me the other day on a recommendation from Jennifer Dorman’s blog. I love wikis like this one because it has everything, and depending on the license, I can use the great work Kristen’s done to help the teachers I work with. I just love smart people and the work they do. The last one, Behold, is a search engine that scours flickr for images that match your criteria, and you can even tell it to search for images that “look” like something in particular. Very sharp.


4 thoughts on “The Bookmark Meme

  1. Hi Patrick

    Thanks for posting your bookmarks and I especially like Behold as I use Flick Images all the time so this is another option for me to find images quickly.


  2. I just use feedburner to create my RSS feed — it splices in my delicious bookmarks on a daily basis — and it is totally painless. Although the bookmarks don’t show up on my blog as a blog post – I have them in a sidebar. However, those who read my blog via rSS get the bookmarks in their reader. is a great way to do it! I think bookmark sharing is a powerful tool!

  3. Sue,

    Glad to be able to do that for you.


    Thanks for the support, and I look forward to reading your future work.


    That’s something I have always loved about your blog, and now something I think I might pursue. I have not been incredibly active on lately, but as we move into the heavy part of our professional development schedule, I will be calling upon it more and more.

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