The Flattest I Have Ever Been

How many posts have you seen lately that start like this:

“Last night, there I was sitting in my living room hanging out with my network, when all of a sudden I am in a conference halfway around the world with all of these really smart people…”

Well, here is mine.

We had a lot of laundry to do last night in my house, so we didn’t really get finished with that and cleaning up from dinner until around 10pm EST. At that point, I figured I would just start setting myself up for the following day by answering some emails and making some quick tutorials. I made the fortuitous decision to check up on Twitter and engage a little bit. Within a few minutes of being there, Kim Cofino sends out a call for participants in a Web 2.0 presentation she is doing for the parents of her school using Google Presenter. I click the link and am transported to her presentation in Thailand along with 17-20 others.

Then I start checking out who is there. For a second I really thought my Google Reader account spilled over into the Presentation: David Jakes, Carolyn Foote, Chris Lehmann, Jo McLeay, Lucy Gray, and so many more that I kicked myself in the shins this morning that I didn’t write it down. Even better than the guest list was the element that was added to the presentation for Kim. She was talking about global collaboration and was able to demonstrate it without much effort because we were all so jazzed to be there.

A few things that immediately strike me about this format:

  • The nature of the presentation has changed. Presentation is quickly becoming synonymous with facilitation, as you could spend much of your time courting ideas from the visitors of the presentation and managing dialogue between both parties as you would normally spend speaking or demonstrating.
  • Does this really work for everyone? Were the parents too blown away to follow the dialogue? I don’t know how I would react if I were in the audience sans laptop; it may have been too much to follow.
  • Conferences are going to be flat out fun.

The format was so open and engaging, it was hard to pull off and actually get some sleep. However, to my surprise, when I came to work this morning, there was Kristin Hokanson doing something similar on social bookmarking. I couldn’t resist.


5 thoughts on “The Flattest I Have Ever Been

  1. Patrick —

    I haven’t had time yet to write a blog post about this, but you’ve summed up many of my thoughts about both of these presentations exactly!

    I am still kind of in a daze over being able to participate in two global presentations/conversations within less than 12 hours. Last night I was in Bangkok helping Kim share information with parents and this morning I was Pennsylvania helping Kristin teach other educators about Amazing! And I NEVER left Houston, Texas! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The power of the network is astounding.


  2. I have the list ๐Ÿ˜‰ At least from when I entered last night on…
    As soon as I recover from my week will be blogging about it. PLEASE email me kristin (dot) hokanson (at) if you are interesting in collaborating in the delicious preso. I am submitting for our state ed tech conference in Feb and hope to have audio worked out by then. I also learned that by becoming a collaborator you can save your OWN copy of a presentation. Think about the possibilities a global “network” of web2.0 type sessions at your fingertips…think of how much prep time it will save (and how much time we will have to learn new things) flashmeeting anyone???

  3. Stephanie,

    It was a real pleasure to be able to interact with Kim and the rest of group there, and I, too, can’t get my head around the possibilities of being in so many places, yet never leaving my zip code.


    I would love to be involved in any of your work. As a matter of fact, I am using the links you sent about Photostory tomorrow to explain the concepts to a group of 8th graders. My spring conference schedule is fairly wide-open, so collaborating on the presentation is something I will contact you about.

  4. You are all having way too much fun! I have gotten way to bogged down in my work and I am starting to feel have lost connections!
    I too am curious how the parents reacted. Sometimes i am overwhelmed by the flow of chat when we back channel.

  5. Actually these presentations are really cool it is just that these timezones are really killing me. Your morning is our night; we are a day ahead — beginning to do my head in!


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