The Teaching Meme I Never Responded To….

Cindy Barnsley passed this meme on to me on 8/22/07. Despite showing a lack of technorati use, I figured I would honor the meme and continue it along even though it is quite belated.

  1. I am a good teacher because…I think about how my students will be changed when they leave our classrooms, and do everything I know to do to affect that change.
  2. If I weren’t a teacher I would be a…struggling writer, professional trailrunner (I wish), professional student.
  3. My teaching style is…entirely based on my passion for the subject matter. If I don’t feel it, I find it hard to believe that the students will either. Think about it, people have so much on their minds anyway that if we don’t make it matter to them, we are just noise.
  4. My classroom is…wherever my laptop and LCD projector can be plugged in, or even further, wherever I can find wifi.
  5. My lesson plans are…more and more being influenced by UbD; I start with the end in mind more than I ever have before.
  6. One of my teaching goals is…get rid of the term “integrate” in regards to technology.
  7. The toughest part of teaching is…creating authentic assessments to examine whether or not our students have reached the level of understanding we need.
  8. The thing I love about teaching is…the satisfaction of hearing your students talk about your class material serendipitously outside of the classroom.
  9. A common misconception about teaching is…it ends at the end of the last period of the day.
  10. The most important thing I’ve learning since I started teaching is…every parent was once a student too, and their experience as a student bears mightily on their attitude towards you as the teacher of their child.

I will pass it to Erica and Cathy.

Flickr photo credit to Arash Behshadpoor’s photostream

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