The Best Idea, in picture form

Scott McLeod had this on his site a while back (and he got it from indexed), and in cleaning out my starred items on my Google Reader, something worse than the mess that was the regular list of unread items in my reader, I found it again and it made more sense than when I starred it.

To me, this speaks to the way in which learning is heading. I can’t say that this model fits everyone, but the more I engage in conversation with people, regardless of their viewpoint, the better I emerge because of it.


6 thoughts on “The Best Idea, in picture form

  1. I always remind teachers, “Just because you taught it, doesn’t mean they learned it.”
    Exposure does not necessarily equate with learning. But at least you can say you covered the curriculum frameworks!

  2. Karen,

    I just started really getting into Understanding by Design recently. One of the opening chapters deals with that mentality: if you throw everything at the wall, something is likely to stick.

    Not to compare students to walls, but in the abstract, the idea is one we see far too often in teaching and in curriculum design. The state mandates that I teach it, so I will do everything I can to get it all in, students be damned. It doesn’t have to be this way. Now, I know that from this vantage point, that is easy to say, applying it is another. One of the things I would like to focus on in the new position is to help teachers move from that extreme to the one that Wiggins and McTighe outline.

    Let’s see how I do….

  3. And this is why events like EdubloggerCon back in Atlanta and the upcoming EduCon in Philidelphia get me more excited than the conferences I usually attend. See you there, i think…


  4. Cathy,

    Yes, I agree. EduCon 2.0 is going to be a great experience from the point of view of a teacher. No tech experience necessary, no need to be cutting edge. I am going there as a learner and a teacher with an eye on how the schools of the future, of now, can be remade into what we need them to be.

    Even if it’s on my own dime, I will be there.

  5. This is a good representation, but I am reminded of those old Sesame Street bits that state, “One of these things doesn’t belong here…” when I look at it. To me, the Television dot seems strange to include there. Is that supposed to be talking about a physical TV, or the programming that is typically on cable? It seems to me that TV is just a tool that could take any position on that chart depending on how you are using it.

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