A Plea for your Voice, Once Again

This Thursday, I am presenting at Montclair State University Center of Pedagogy‘s Turning on Learning Conference. My session is called “Creating Personal Learning Environments for Professional Development,” and I really want to use the power of the network to illustrate the following point:

Like it or not: your professional development will no longer be something you “go somewhere” and receive. It will not be at a “make and take” style seminar where you go to the local Holiday Inn conference room and leave with some nice pre-made handouts to give to your students. It comes to you, as long as you are ready to accept it. It’s a network, and it’s here for you. Yes, you’ve got people.

When I needed to prove this point earlier in the year to my high school staff, I relied on my own network to show them the power of connectivity using Voicethread. I’d like to do that once again. My audience will be administrators, teachers, and undergraduate and graduate education students, and I’d like them to hear from you all about what you see as the future of professional development.

So if you have a moment or two, please lend your voice or your text to this voicethread.  I am sure I will be thinking out loud about this all week, so bear with me.


2 thoughts on “A Plea for your Voice, Once Again

  1. I’m seriously thinking you are absolutely crazy even considering asking me to input my voice into your voicethread again; especially if it is for a presentation at a conference. Mind you what is even funnier would be for you to get Darren Draper to record a really quick video…he is soooo funny!

  2. What?! You were such a hit last time, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you this time. The question is a little different, but as someone who provides PD for teachers, I’d love to hear where you think it is going in the future.

    My take is that it’s going to be so much more readily available as we teach teachers how to learn, unlearn, relearn and apply the skills, ideas, and theories they come in contact with. Gone are the days of the workshop without the support network.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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