Update your Links, We’ve Moved

I don’t really have good reasons, other than curiosity and a desire to gain a little more flexibility in my design. You’ll notice though, that I am not using .org here; I just don’t have that kind of time to be playing with all of that hosting and installing at the moment–it’s still on my to do list for now as something I would like to get to someday.

The feed has been redirected from the blogspot address, so I don’ think that will change, although if anyone knows how to keep a technorati rank intact after a move like this, I sure would appreciate that knowledge.

Now the challenging part becomes whether or not the new home will spur me to write on a more frequent basis. I am getting used to the responsibility level of the new job, but am having a difficult time working in reflective writing into the mix. It’s coming, though, I can feel it.


4 thoughts on “Update your Links, We’ve Moved

  1. Best thing I ever did for my writing was ditch Blogger for WordPress. We’re different people but me, I’ve gotta have a pretty place to put down words. I can’t write an essay longhand on printer paper, I’ve gotta have lines. Likewise I can’t deal with Blogger’s elementary interface, formatting, and tagging. Hope it works out for you too.

  2. I do as well, however, my decision to go with .com v. .org looks like one that I will have to revisit in a few weeks when things settle down. Like you, I need some semblance of design within which to work. While not as much as an aesthete, I was feeling hemmed in by Blogger, almost constrained its elementary feel.

    One of the most appealing things about WP for me was its focus on comments and comment tracking. Every WP blog I visited put a premium on remaining in the conversation, something Blogger did only recently and not too well at that.

    What it does for me as a writer remains to be seen, but thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Patrick: Congratulations on the move. I can relate to the feeling of struggling with the reflection. I don’t have new responsibilities like you, but this year for me has been a struggle to get my mind trained again on the reflection that was so beneficial to me last year. It seems that too many things about my job – even just the day to day lesson planning – has been more difficult than it should be. More frustration with the technology than pure unabashed adoration like last year.

    Anyway, good luck with WP – it looks great. I’ve thought about making the move, too. It’s a big step. Blogger was my first…


  4. Bing,

    It’s good to see you with your hat back in the ring, by the way. I have been following your del.icio.us links all the while, so thanks for those.

    I don’t know what really prompted the move; a buddy of mine did it not too ago, and I thought I might find some new energy in a new platform. What I am finding in the first few days, as I intimated to Dan above, is that I wish I had more time to go with .org and have it fully customizable. There are even a few things here that I am not so crazy about.

    However, the real push here is to write more, write better, and use it as a learning vehicle, a change agent, and a motivator. Hope you find the same with your renewed vigor.

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