For the Social Sciences…

This is a list of resources I sent out to the Social Studies Department at the high school via their Google Group (which is working out famously):

I am a huge fan of teaching through the use of timely statistics and facts delivered alongside stunning visuals (among other methods as well).  These are a few of my favorite resources that combine both:

xTimeline: allows students, or teachers, to create timelines and view others created by students.  Loads of topics to choose from.

270toWin: great site to show the visual map of the electoral college process and the states required to win.  Timely.

Daylife: news site that relies very heavily on photojournalism to highlight the days events and most popular stories.  Dig deeper and find all sorts of connections between the participants in the stories.

Maps of War: from their site “Maps-of-War presents a special list of the best multimedia war maps from across the world wide web.”

Social Explorer: uses U.S. Census Data to show how demographics have shifted in the U.S. and cities since 1940.  Great visuals based on solid data.


2 thoughts on “For the Social Sciences…

  1. Depending on what state you live in, students may also have access to thousands of journals, maps and specific social science resource through a statewide database agreement. For a list of states with such agreements, check out

    A number of states also have a large amount of digitized materials including photos, manuscripts, oral histories and more. Check out for a growing list of history related databases produced by state agencies around the country.

  2. Thanks for the links out to those resources. I already forwarded them to my staff. We are in New Jersey, so I did some digging and found that there is something called “Jersey Clicks” that offers much of what you described.

    This is one of the most impressive parts of networked learning: that you are able to share from some place, I am guessing Alaska based on your username, that is far removed from where I am. Yet, the whole process took less than an hour. I am always impressed by that.

    Thanks again.

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