Two Questions from Dr. Tim Tyson

Patrick Chodkiewicz, our new tech coordinator, brought up the name of Dr. Tim Tyson the other day when he was referring to a conference he was speaking at. Immediately I remembered a post from his blog, Practical Practice, that was languishing in my reader in which he posed two questions:

What if we asked teachers . . .

“Does the education you are providing reflect the best educational experience you have to offer? If not, what keeps you from doing so?”

What if we asked students . . .

“Do you have the ability to do your most meaningful learning at school? If not, what gets in your way?

What types of answers would you expect from your staff? Your students?

In looking at these questions and thinking of how they apply to the staff and students in my direct sphere of influence, it’s hard to predict the answers that might come forward; however, a few things are telling for me:


  • conversations with teachers over the last two years point to a sense of being overwhelmed, unable to find relevant resources or the context in which to change their practices towards something that would allow them to overcome any obstacle.
  • facilities have been an issue, and will continue to be an issue until spaces are adequately configured to accommodate ubiquitous access to relevant materials.


  • access and permissions are key to them; in our present situation they definitely feel they don’t have enough access to the things they want to do.
  • Classes don’t contain any aspects of “networked learning.” In fact, I don’t believe our students would know what that is at this point. I’d like to remedy this.

I suppose that while this is nice to conjecture about here, the proof would be in the pudding and a survey might be in order. Stay tuned.

Image Credit: “Open Access,” from Ron Layters’ photostream


One thought on “Two Questions from Dr. Tim Tyson

  1. Thank you for sharing Tyson’s questions–great for reflection.

    I think your comments about teachers are spot on, too.

    I’d like to think about this more, but I sense that same feeling of overwhelm on my own campus.

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