Writing Workshop notes, 1/21/08

Writing workshop

Is there an authentic audience for you student writing?
Elements of the student writing processes demonstrated in the video:
-students know they will be writing for an external assessor
-students know that they will be anonymous
-“they don’t know me, they are only criticizing my work, not me.”
-performance is part of the process

Creating an external assessor adds a layer of motivation.

Nursing home example of writing project. Can we make this authentic?

Partner Teachers:
-find classrooms
-teachers sign up and want to be found

Wikipedia articles created by students for publication and submission.
-energy and excitement created by allowing students to do this.
-responsibility to teach students how content is created in this manner.
-not to mention the fact that there is constant revision of this article

Blogging with Students
-comments are the magic of blogging
-students get to interact with one another and provide feedback
-provide for asynchronous conversation between students and their “teachers”


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