The Fastest Growing Segment

Thanks to Scott McLeod for posting this on his blog recently. This highlights something we often neglect to mention when talking about the 21st Century learner: their age. Too frequently, we focus on students being those that are youthful in age, but forsake those youthful in mind. This video clearly points out that ceasing to learn and adapt as you age is not an option for every generation under 60.

We work with teachers to help provide our students with the optimum environments for learning.  What are we doing to help our teachers optimize their learning?


2 thoughts on “The Fastest Growing Segment

  1. Amen. Exactly the point of the video–the landscape of learning is changing, and not just for those of us locked into the public school systems. And I am glad to say that because of your learning over the last year or so, I have learned from you.

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