“This, I Believe” Meme


Barry Bachenheimer started this on a whim today, and tagged me with it to get it going. Most memes have very definitive rules for passing along or posting certain material, but Barry has given this one some really free “legs.” It’s description is simple:

National Public Radio does a piece called “This We Believe” where individuals share essays they have written that enumerates their philosophies. With this concept in mind in terms of curriculum ideas, (with apologies to the National Middle School Association and National Public Radio), “This I Believe”:

  • I believe that assessment and grades are not the same entity.
  • I believe the purpose of schools is still to “turn the lights on,” but not in the sense it meant for our parents; schools should never cease to inspire, challenge, and engage students in ideas and topics they might otherwise have missed on their own.
  • I believe the driving force behind curriculum should be the essential understandings behind the content.
  • I believe that we teach students first, and content second.
  • I believe in creating multiple outlets for students to demonstrate understanding. As long as we are committed to differentiating instruction, we must also be committed to differentiating the way we allow students to show us they’ve learned.
  • I believe that the best way for students to learn from our teachers is to see them as practitioners; model learning and curiosity for them in your own practice and you will soon see it in your students.
  • I believe our social technologies that allow for anyone to publish require that we create curriculum that maximizes the role of audience. Today’s students will grow up in a world where the content they create will be accessible by far more people than solely their classroom teachers.
  • I believe that when it comes to information overload, we need to educate our students on the difference between what is noise and what is symphony.
  • I believe in erring on the side of depth when writing curriculum, rather than breadth; fewer topics covered critically are far more meaningful than many topics covered in brief.
  • I believe that students in high school should have the same enthusiasm for learning that students in 3rd grade do.

So, now for the requisite tagging part. To continue this meme, I tag:

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