From Scott McLeod

I am really digging the work that Scott McLeod is doing via his blog.  Over the last few months he has recognized great commentors, blogs that deserve a bigger audience, and sponsored a button making contentst for NECC.  But what really grabs me is his call to leaders in our field to “get it,” and do so quickly.  This button sums it up for me.  How are you making something happen?

Make a Difference


One thought on “From Scott McLeod

  1. Wow. Thanks, Patrick. I’m trying!

    I’m glad you’re finding some value at Dangerously Irrelevant. I hope you know how highly I think of your work too (it’s a love-in!).

    Please contact me at any time if you have suggestions for me. I’m working hard to create resources that are useful and/or interesting for school leaders who are trying to move their schools forward into the 21st century. I can use all of the help / feedback I can get!

    It’s true, you know: If the leaders (principals, superintendents) don’t “get it,” this stuff is never, ever going to happen, no matter how much we focus on teachers, students, and/or policy…

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