Daily Diigo Links 07/17/2008

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3 thoughts on “Daily Diigo Links 07/17/2008

  1. But what is the investment doing for learning in that NY Times article? I understand an avg. daily attendance increase of 13 students per day is nice but is it directly related to the money invested in the technology?

    Same goes for the discipline — is there a direct correlation to the technology?

    It is neat to hear about a school creating a one-tool per child approach and leveraging the web, but I’d like to know what it is doing for the school: quantitatively and qualitatively. There are too many of these articles out there acting as though the act of adding technology warrants a celebration and that it is the reform of education that is so desperately needed.

  2. Ryan,

    We just had a discussion similar to this one this morning when were breaking down some of our BLC ideas. Looking at these numbers in isolation or in association with factors that may or may not be related is little more than heresay. However, what if we created programs that were directly associated with that tool and that pedagogy? Only then could we judge the effectiveness of the program using measurable statistics.

    You are correct, these articles sell papers (or at least gain links and click throughs), but we need to be asking deeper questions.

    My sole reason for bookmarking it was to point to the cost savings created by migrating away from textbooks wherever possible. We are running into situations where texts are increasingly useless. My question to administrators is: can the purchase of things like Amazon Kindle, or Sony eReaders alleviate the bloat in both space and dollars caused by textbooks?

  3. I can’t agree more with you about textbooks and exploration of alternatives.

    What about teachers creating their own dynamic textbook as teams? It seems using a wiki to build out a dynamic textbook as a foundation for a course and that grows with student insights, new developments, and greater understanding.

    While this obviously fits better with some classes over others, I can imagine the power of a team of teachers teaching the same course could bring to the best foundational text for the course.

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