9/27 part I.

“If we cannot learn to engage in productive, ideological conflict during meetings, we are through.”  – Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

There is one thing that most every person that has ever met me may agree with: I am not much for rocking the boat.  My admission of that has never met with much discernment from myself, as I have often taken pride in that ability to remain objective.  Yet, in reading this quote, first in Dave Dimmet’s Leadertalk post, and then again in Miguel’s weekly recap, a smarter part of me took offense to my usual behavioral pattern.

What’s wrong with discord?  In this position, which I cannot call “new” anymore, I am constantly faced with opportunities for constructive discord, and I have found that over the course of the first 10 months in this position, I have often either pacified, avoided, or circumvented opportunities for disagreement.  Why?  Let’s see what happens when disagreement happens in front of me.  What will it mean if I help people who disagree come to terms with the fact that they disagree?  I am going to go with Dave’s advice here and see what happens.  I’ll report back on the state of that idea.

Image credit: “Gloom” from Shirley Buxton’s photostream


2 thoughts on “9/27 part I.

  1. I hope you’ll share the results of your experiment! Just remember Gandhi. Be civil, express alternate perspectives and solutions (don’t offer problems without solutions and without the invitation to problem-solve together).

    When you face real discord–when someone unilaterally wants to do what they want with no regard for the stakeholders–then you will realize the true wisdom of civil disobedience.

    Often, we’re along for the ride…and all we can do is make the journey a little less difficult for those around us, also caught up in the madness. When the opportunity strikes to bring about change, best to go quietly about the change than gleefully.

    Best wishes,

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