9/27 part III.

You waver, sometimes, about the elements of your life you think are transient or fleeting.  For me, earlier this year I wondered what place Twitter had in my PLE; I was busy, rarely had time to contribute to what was happening on Twitter, and often felt like when I was joining conversations for the few moments I could, I was just acting as noise for others who were truly using it to their benefit.

What occurred tonight, via both Election 2008, and my own network was phenomenal.  The engaging nature of both candidates, and I mean that in the sense that they are infinitely more intellectual than was “Dubya,” and the commentary by my network was phenomenal.  I truly appreciate the views of expats like Clay Burell, whose insight into the nuance of candidates’ statements were spot on.  Has it taken online election discussion for me to see the full benefits of life in a democracy?  Gawd, I hope not.


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