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This image, passed to me via Coolinfographics, is exactly the type of divergent thinking I envision our schools fostering now and in the future.  Oh.  It was created in 1823.  What are we missing?

Our Connections class is predicated on this idea.  We process and recreate information in ways that are meaningful to us and others.


One thought on “Filed under: “How Cool is This?”

  1. Okay Patrick…I probably missed the post so point me in the right direction or share more about this connections class. Can you share some specific examples of what they do to get the rest of us thinking? What age group of kids are in the class?

    Little by little we are learning not to reinvent the wheel but rather to learn from the experience of others. by the way thanks for the diigo link to the blog rubric. We are doing almost everything from a rubric base and this may have been just what we needed to keep our blogging moving forward. Whether we adopt it as is or not it really helps define some of what we want to develop in our students!
    I really hope we get to meet f2f someday…I like the way you think!

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