New Literacies?

I couldn’t help but write this post after some of the brief discussion that occurred last night while watching David Jakes keynote at NYSCATE. This, in addition to the panel discussion from TechForum Northeast in which one of the initial questions posed by David Jakes was

“Are there new literacies that connective technologies create?  ..or do these tools afford the attainment of a literacy in a different way?”

When I look at this video, produced by some very intelligent and thoughtful people, I want to ask whether or not we are just adding verbiage to a slew of verbiage we already have?  The idea that we are re-inventing how people interact with their surroundings, and especially the media inputs they manage is something I don’t know if I am ready to do.  We still need to be skeptical, analytical, synthetic, and interrogative, just on a wholly different level.  It’s not that the skills we have used in the past are suddenly extinct, but rather that their relative sharpness will determine our success as “readers.”

Side note: In another of the rising tide of print media fall-outs, TypePad is offering laid-off journalists free blog accounts.


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