Daily Diigo Links 01/09/2009

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2 thoughts on “Daily Diigo Links 01/09/2009

  1. Thanks for the incredible session today. You drove home the why instead of the what, and my pad has barely legible scribbles of some of your gems today.

    Every now and again I need a kick in the pants to remind me about a billion youngsters are leading a vastly different life than my generation, but that they need our guidance (and not much more than guidance) anyway.

    My brain’s so full of thought words are spilling out my ears.

    Great job!

  2. Michael,

    I’ve already told the story of today twice: once to my wife and once to a co-worker. Technology is many things: distraction, enigma, anathema to some, but it is also an incredible connector now. When I meet people like I did today, whom I have been reading for a while, the connection and potential for collaboration is much more enhanced.

    I’ve shared your blog with our science department and with many others, and it was great to run into you today. Your writing reminds me of the reasons we do the things we do with kids, or at least why I got into this profession: there is more to the everyday than meets the eye, and it takes patience, method, and bravery to call it out.

    Thanks again.

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