Matching the Two.

My wife asks me all of the time if I am happy in what I am doing, because it is so much different than teaching, or even being tech coordinator; the successes are not as easily seen by either her or I.  There never is a real straight answer given by me because what I do is so difficult to get an immediate read on whether it works or doesn’t.  In October, I presented at TechForum in Palisades, NY and had a blast.  I got great feedback from those in attendance and truly had fun talking and listening.  Something clicked on the way home that day: how much fun I had, how passionately I had expressed myself had to be the way I addressed the departments and staff I work with.  I was holding back, and it was showing in the way I was received.

I dig this learning business.  There are some great ideas out there about how to get more people to learn in myriad ways using unlimited methods.   My goal in coming back from TechForum was to let the ideas just fly, let the people I work with shoot them down.  Coming off of EduCon, I realized I hadn’t yet done it in my practice.  Being in the presence yet again of such passionate advocates for kids, for their futures, made me promise to myself as I drove up I-95 towards home that this month would be different.  And so far, it has.  From my last department meeting:


Let’s see that this continues.


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