Chalkdust101 has recently been linked to by some insane publications, in my opinion.  Bill Ferriter, who writes at The Tempered Radical, recently had an article featured in Educational Leadership’s “How Teachers Learn” edition titled “Learning with Blogs and Wikis.” In it he dropped the following quote in reference to how he leverages his network to learn now:

This learning has been uniquely authentic, driven by personal interests and connected to classroom realities. Blogs have introduced a measure of differentiation and challenge to my professional learning plan that had long been missing. I wrestle over the characteristics of effective professional development with Patrick Higgins ( and the elements of high-quality instruction for middle grades students with Dina Strasser ( Scott McLeod ( forces me to think about driving school change from the system level; and Nancy Flanagan ( helps me understand the connections between education policy and classroom practice. John Holland ( and Larry Ferlazzo, Brian Crosby, and Alice Mercer ( open my eyes to the challenges of working in high-needs communities.

Bill has to be one of the clearest minds on topics of teacher leadership and assessment of teacher performance in the game right now, and this is punctuated by the fact that he is a full time classroom teacher.  Bill struggles with many of the aspects that a good portion of us only write about.  For this, and for his ability to ask outstanding questions, I consider it a privilege that he points himself here for guidance in any area.

Also, while at EduCon2.1, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Diane Cordell, who, until then, had been a vital cog in my network whom I had never met.  In addition to providing me with some excellent resources about the One Book, One Town idea that some of my English Department teachers came up with, attended my session on Saturday.  Upon leaving the conference, Diane submitted an article to the School Library Journal about EduCon (which she titled Library Media Specialist Does EduCon) and pulled this quote from me:

EduCon has a strange effect on both session participants and presenters in that there is equal learning done by both parties.

It’s a good feeling when someone actually catches you being competent!  Thanks to Diane and Bill for the mentions.


One thought on “Humbled

  1. No thanks needed, Patrick.

    It’s kind of a symbiotic thing, don’t you think? I take a least from you as I give back—and I appreciate the constant mental challenge that you provide.

    Our brains run parallel courses most of the time, which means we both learn—-which is the lesson that I think I most want people to hear about the power in personal learning networks via technology.

    Anyway, back to work. I’m trying to plan a unit on sound!

    Rock on,

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