Deja Video.

Listen to the message Don Tapscott leaves here in his brief plug for his new book:

When I was a freshman in high school, an odd, yet charismatic senior ran for student council president.  Jake John Robert Hast was his name.  I did not know him, never interacted with him, or even saw him much after that year.  However, his speech contained an element I never forgot.  He began his speech with this quote, stating that it was from an earlier generation:

I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words… When I was young, we were taught to be discreet and respectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly disrespectful and impatient of restraint.

Upon hearing it, I could hear my grandparent’s voices in it, and I could sense it came from a generation that sacrificed much for the liberties of my own future.

Jake then revealed that it was in fact from ca. 700 A.D. by a Roman poet and rhapsode named Hesiod.  That moment made me forever suspicious of judging youth at media’s face value, and of resistance to change.

What do you feel about today’s youth?  Do you agree with Tapscott, Hesiod or neither?


4 thoughts on “Deja Video.

  1. I don’t think the youth of today are any worse or better than the past generations – just different. Since they are growing up in a world that many could not even imagine, how can we compare who they are to what we were? Those that criticize the youth of today are afraid of change and want to hang on to yesterday – a yesterday that really does not exist once tomorrow comes. They have the opportunity to do many positive things with this new, expanding knowledge that in our generation we used our knowledge to create profit and destroy many pieces of humanity and the earth. They are more educated in environmental issues and think more globally than we do/did – but if we would have had the technology, access to immediate information, and truly understood how we were harming each other and the world – maybe today would find the earth and society in a better space. I for one hold hope for society and this world as many of the students I teach would rather give back, share, collaborate, and communicate with others across the world than destroy and defeat for profit.

  2. When I read statements like Hesiod’s I can’t help but think of just how many times we as a species have gotten this human thing wrong. We still have the same ideas about ourselves that we’ve had for centuries. Yet, if we examine this issue from the animal side, we are crazy successful! We have multiplied, conquered, and mastered much of our own biology. In terms of a evolutionary success, we are doing great.

    Yet, we still struggle to push past much of what Garry stated above: finding the earth a better place when we leave it.

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