Random Sampling

This is a big attempt to get in the habit of more regular writing, so these are some very loosely connected ideas and things I like:


In the last two months, I have picked up two more blogs on which I’ll be writing.  Twice a month, I’ll be posting at Tech and Learning.  I’ve joined a fantastic group of educators there, a group of people who I truly admire and enjoy reading.  Look for those posts on the first and third Wednesday of every month.  Also, one of the people I met at ASCD this year, Jason Flom, has invited me to post whenever I’d like over at Ecology of Education.  While I am not too familiar with a lot of the writers over there, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve read so far.  Jason and I were both covering the ASCD conference this year as media, and were flabbergasted at how well they treated us and the access they gave us to the presenters.  I look forward to reading and writing over there.


I’ve fallen hard for the emergence of data visualization as a high art form.  I’ve said often to the teachers I work with, especially those in the social sciences, that those individuals who can translate the amount of data that we now have in our possession, and will continue to accumulate, into meaningful images will be very powerful people in the future.  The folks over at Cool Infographics and Flowing Data have recently been blowing me away with their ability to visualize statistics in illuminating ways.  Be sure to check them out if you can.

Also, Hans Rosling recently created a wonderful overview of the last 200 years and how they have completely changed the world.  Check that out below:


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