Daily Diigo Links 06/28/2009

  • More fodder for writing as embodying many different forms.

    tags: writing, ncte, english, ELA, metacognition

    • Often, in school, students write only to prove that they did something they were asked to do, in order to get credit for it. Or, students are taught a single type of writing and are led to believe this type will suffice in all situations. Writers outside of school have many different purposes beyond demonstrating accountability, and they practice myriad types and genres. In order to make sure students are learning how writing differs when the purpose and the audience differ, it is important that teachers create opportunities for students to be in different kinds of writing situations, where the relationships and agendas are varied. Even within academic settings, the characteristics of good writing vary among disciplines; what counts as a successful lab report, for example, differs from a successful history paper, essay exam, or literary interpretation.
      • This is such a loaded statement–in a great way. I feel that our teachers are scared away from teaching any type of writing that is not academic or testable. Likewise, I feel our students are often robbed of original voice because they are not allowed the freedom to explore other media, or the opportunity to see other forms of writing as legitimate. – post by pjhiggins
  • this is a very cool development.

    tags: olpc, linux, elementary, computer, software

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