Brains, in Concert

Making the switch from being a teacher to becoming an administrator in education is supposed to be one that is wrought with conflicted feelings, guilt, and a sense of regret.  When I made the move a few years back, I’ll admit I was ignorant of those feelings.  What I was keenly aware of was that I wanted to see what was around that corner.

It’s only been two years and change, but I can tell you that I have seen what was around this corner, and I’ve seen a lot of what is not around this corner.  Today was a very reminder of why I chose to take the peek initially.

“Those who say it cannot be done shouldn’t interrupt the people doing it.

Decisions need to be made, often times by individuals who have weighed the input given to them by educated stakeholders, and I completely understand that.  However, getting everyone in a room, and powering through a problem is so much more beneficial.  The more brains the more better.

We have problems, most do as well.  When I am faced with huge decisions and monumental tasks, I’ll be sure to remember back to this situation and call for all of the smart people I know, get them in a room, and get busy solving.


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