What’s Your Story?

I love Summify.  In a time in my life right now where my time is limited in terms of how much I can comb through the various feeds that push information into my network, Summify does a lot of the work for me by delivering the most popular stories from Twitter and Facebook right into an easy app on my phone.  I check it once a day and always leave the experience having learned something worthwhile.

Today was no different.

Presenting is something I have done a fair amount of over the last three or four years.  For one reason or another, I’ll get up in front of a group of people, some who have paid to be there, others who are forced, and speak about a topic that was mutually agreed upon by the people who asked me to be there and myself.  David Jakes is someone who I have seen do the same, and who I have paid to see speak.  He wrote the other day, in “Words Matter:Presentation” about the core of what do do if you ever find yourself in the situation where you are in front of a room presenting.

Rather than go through each of the ideas he stresses, I’ll steal them outright:

  1. Passion, heart and soul. Believe in what you are speaking about.  Let that show.
  2. Tell me stories.  I like them, and it allows me to relate to you as a person.
  3. Convince me.
  4. Make it visual.  Not clip art.  Use visuals to communicate, not to decorate.
  5. Oh, and use some words.  But no bullet lists.  And avoid the global killer of using Comic Sans
  6. Limit yourself.  One Hour = 45 slides…or maybe just 10.
  7. I came to hear you.  So, why exactly are you up on the stage and have the big picture in the program?
  8. Practice.  I’ll know if you didn’t.
  9. Perform.  Have some fun up there.  Make me want to check my email later.
  10. Share your ideas.
In my eyes, because David follows these rules (and very well, if you have had the pleasure of listening to him) he has enormous credibility.  He references Godin’s heirarchy of presentation types as well, which stresses the idea that a presentation is a chance for you to change someone’s mind.
So if you find yourself in that position, do so.  Change my mind.  Have ideas that have weight, and believe in them.  Because when you are done, I might too.

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